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March 2, 2015
When one things ends, the other one begins
March 4, 2015

When you make your first time run it’s always hard. Whether it’s your first time, or after a longer while it simply hurts.  Or does it?

I have a friend who posted his run on Facebook once and in the first minute or two it seemed like he was trying to overrun the car. His tempo for a starter was crazy 4:01 per km, at one point going 3:44. It’s no wonder he died early on and after a short run he was dead.

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At first I had a quick laugh about it but the truth is I did it myself many times.  You start fast, with big motivation to change yourself, make your body look nice and fit but the hard truth is that this little run doesn’t mean much if anything. It will just demotivate you from further running and the results will be lost within next 2 days.

Much better approach is to start slow and then slowly start running faster. And I don’t even mean getting faster in the same day or a week! The consistency is KEY to your fitness. There’s no real gain for your body for getting back home 5-15 minutes earlier than you would if you run faster. You will be just much more tired, with no real gains.

Running slower will surely have less impact on you later on or even day after when soreness will start kicking in.  Like in many parts of our lives fixing your body to look great takes time. We’re not talking about weeks here, but months of consistent work. There are no shortcuts here!

So take my advice (or don’t) run slower but with higher consistency. Multiple slow (turtle) runs per week of 4-10 km are  better then 1 high pace run after which you will be dead for  a week.

My stats for Today

  • Steps 15750
  • Nike Fuel 5411
  • Nike Running 9,2 km (2397 Nike Fuel)
  • Calories Eaten 2919
  • Calories Burned 3562
  • Calories Remaining 642


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