When one things ends, the other one begins

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March 3, 2015
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March 5, 2015

“When one things ends, the other one begins. Sometimes ending hurts, but a new beginning is worth the pain.”

– Wilson Kanadi

This was a surprise I was waiting for a longer while when KFC Poland announced on 27th of February  those are the last days of their cheese products.


I knew they are planning something! 🙂 And here they are:

  • The KFC Maxi Twist Toscana – 726 kcal


  • The KFC Maxi Twist Barbeque – 804 kcal


While ordering those 2 Bad Boys at once is tough for your daily diet, having one of those and little KFC Brazer Twister will not make a bigger dent! Order up !

PS. To be honest if you’re dieting one is enough, leave that Brazer Twister for another time.

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