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March 1, 2015
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March 3, 2015

Usually when I tell people how I managed to get fit and lose fat while eating the fast food all the time my explanation starts with “I do steps counting”.  The usual, quite quick response is “Steps counting what? Are you crazy?!”.

It usually follows up with “I’m not going to go around counting steps all day long!”. Well, I don’t either. It’s just my usual response because I do count steps in more digital way. I can’t imagine doing this myself and neither should you unless you’re up for a headache.

I then explain that what you actually have to do is get some sort of device that do it for you. At the moment on the market there are hundreds of devices doing it quite OK. I’ve used Jawbone Up myself in the beginning of my Journey and lately I’m back to only doing it via iPhone while waiting for the big deal The Apple Watch. Problem with iPhone is that most people don’t take it everywhere, it’s a bit cumbersome, so for truly getting your steps count its preferred to get some on wrist device you can wear all the time. You should find something you like and can afford easily or that will make you nuts (if you’re gadget geek like me) .

So for anyone starting up their steps counting journey here’s a few tips:

  • Don’t be so judgmental about the correct amount of steps counting, having them different for even few hundred a day won’t make a big difference in the long run. Just let it be 🙂 Ha
  • Running isn’t necessary to fill your steps goals, you can easily do the same amount of steps during day by doing normal stuff and the effects will be similar to what you get by running. Sure it will take a bit longer, but amount of steps  will not really change.
  • Try to use common tasks by doing steps while you’re at it. Having a long phone call is actually a good steps counter. I sometimes make over 1000+ steps per phone call. It looks weird .. but at least you’re burning calories right?
  • Try to take the long ways – going to your car parked across the street, going to your company kitchen… you can always go around. It’s a bit counter productive and during winter time is a challenge but in the end its rewarding.

Those are just a few tips but I can tell you from my experience that I used to hate going shopping, or going to my car parked far away, and now I’m quite happy. I even didn’t fight for the parking card I used to have in my company because the thought of making 1000-2000 more steps just to get my car was a reward by itself (I know I’m crazy, hopefully some day you will understand). I have happily gave it away to my work friend. You should too!

My stats for Today

  • Steps 8685
  • Nike Fuel 1621
  • Nike Running 0km (0 Nike Fuel)
  • Calories Eaten 2753
  • Calories Burned 2453
  • Calories Remaining -300 (ouch)


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