Soda’s and Fast Food

Diet your life – Part 3
March 6, 2015
Fast Food Dating
March 8, 2015

It’s very common mistake for people who start their fitness training, start their diets but still when it comes to what they drink they don’t change a thing. Why should they? After all it’s just a water (of sort) right?

It’s very simple math actually. Let’s take a quick look at little comparison table I’ve made especially for you.

Soda NameCalories in 0,1LCalories in 0,5L
Mirinda Orange48240
Pepsi Light0,201
Pepsi Max0,301,5
RedBull Sugar Free525

From half litre of normal Pepsi you’ve just added 210 calories. Considering that usual meal at your Fast Food joint is about 2 sandwiches and about 1L of soda you would end up with over 400 calories more to burn in, one way or another. Is that a lot you ask?

Here’s couple of ideas how hard it’s to actually burn them up

Activity GroupActivity Type15min1hour
RunningJogging/walking combination
With a jogging component of less than 10 minutes
RunningJogging, general125498

So if you like drinking your perfect soda the way you do now, go ahead and do so! Just be aware, that your daily calorie intake just got extra boost so you may have to do some running to burn those up.

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