Shopping is your friend – join your better half

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March 13, 2015
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March 16, 2015

It’s a known fact that man hate shopping. When we do shopping we enter the shop, we go pick what we want and we go out. On the other end of the table there are women who tend to visit every single shop in the mall!

This little trip to the mall from both perspectives can be shown on a single picture like below (ignore the costs, I can’t help you here).



I used to that frequently. Go in, 5 minutes and go back sit at home. Well that’s no more! I do not leave shop until I’m done burning my share of calories just by walking. Pick your targets correctly and you won’t be that bored. Go for watches, gadgets, games, whatever makes you tick. Just do it!

3 hours of walking is more than 10000 steps which is close to 9 km and about 690 calories burned! So if you’ve ever wondered why you feel so tired after a couple of hours in shopping mall (I know I am) there’s your answer. It’s about the same distance and calorie count if you would have run the 9km during 40 minutes. While it takes longer it seems a bit easier.

So instead of waiting for your better half to go out of the shop, do some walking around, mindlessly looking at things around. It will really help you to burn those calories and have another burger for your hard work!



But I don’t have a girlfriend you say? Well that shouldn’t stop you! There’s much higher chance you will meet one during shopping then playing your game on XBOX or Playstation.

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