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March 15, 2015
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March 16, 2015

In a modern world we sit around whole day, looking at our computers, making some phone calls and after 8 hours of work we go back home tired with not much of power to do anything else.

So no wonder that our sedentary type of work will make us fat! Well there’s a way to get this turned around a bit. How you ask? I won’t be changing jobs any time soon! Well.. start walking when you make phone calls! It sounds silly but it actually works!

Let’s make a little comparison:

  • 30 minutes phone conference while sitting – 10 calories burned (that’s a guess more or less)
  • 43 minutes phone conference while walking around – 217 calories burned (3.1km)
  • 35 minutes phone conference while walking around – 133 calories burned (1.9km)


Over 6 KM in total made at home, while working on home-office, just by talking on the phone!

So there you have it! Make your choice? Sit around whole day, or walk around the office, looking a bit “silly” but burning those calories without much effort from your side? So before you get back home you already have your daily amount of steps, burned calories done! You can then enjoy the rest of the day with your family and friends instead!

One more thing! Actually walking and talking makes me think more efficiently, be more focused and overall adds up to conversation. So even if you don’t like walking for getting fit, you may consider this as a challenge for your brain to think more efficiently.

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