Diet your life – Part 2
February 28, 2015
Steps counting what?
March 2, 2015

It was happy day for me when KFC decided to start shipping their food straight to my home! I was really happy and my best friend envy’s me this pleasure every day! (I can see this in his eyes, well not really, because we see each other very rarely… but well his voice says it all!)


They deliver it to your door and while I am very happy about it, it makes me a bit lazy. I don’t go there by foot anymore. It used to be my daily routine, where I had to go on foot 2 km to just eat there and go back. And by the time I got back I had half of what I eaten burned by steps count. I do hope that it’s just winter making me lazy, and when nice weather will be back I will be more than happy to visit them again on their home turf! Until then… their delivery services have to fill me up!

So what are we ordering Today?

  • KFC Twister Brazer – only 431 kcal of pure pleasure
  • KFC Brazer Sandwich – only 474 kcal of pure pleasure


In comparison something I’ve been eating a lot before

  • Garlic Baguette – only 524 kcal for one little baguette 162g without any additions…Region capture 2

And by the time I got home from shop I had eaten 2 already while the shop is about 300 meters away. It was a bit shocker for me when I found out that something I’ve tried eating instead of my beloved fast food is actually more caloric than I ever expected!

What I’m trying to say here is that we don’t notice things we eat every single day and we assume they are less caloric, better for our daily eating routines but it’s farther from the truth than one may expect. Check your food, you might be surprised what you’ve been eating and how much of energy you’ve given to your body.

My stats for Today

  • Steps 15771
  • Nike Fuel 4891
  • Nike Running 7,2 km (1854 Nike Fuel)
  • Calories Eaten 2965
  • Calories Burned 3406
  • Calories Remaining 441 (cheated a bit by not logging Milka Chocolate)

Region capture 1


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