Fast Food Your Life – 300 runs

App Update: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal 5.11
March 10, 2015
App Update: Nike Running+ 4.7.1
March 13, 2015

Today is a good  day for a little explanation of what Fast Food Your Life is really about. It probably should be explained in the beginning but there was really no better day than this one to make a brief introduction. So what is it about?

It’s about eating what you like, when you like it and making sure you stay fit or become fit (if you’re not there yet) in the process. No heavy diets, no 500 calories per day, no eating meals that consist only of veggie products or will make your eyes fall out if you eat a Snickers. Fast Food Your Life is about balance and making sure you eat less than you burn. I’ve gotta warn you. It doesn’t come easy though, it’s not going to happen over a weekend either. But you will have fun while doing it with food you like the most.

So without further ado I give you my day! Something I’ve enjoyed a bit. Couple of facts from Today:

  • Today was my 300 run with Nike+. While it took some time to meet that number I’m going to make sure my next 300 runs will be there soon enough.

Region capture 6

  • Today was also 3 x Fast Food Day (my beloved KFC). Nothing better than fast food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Region capture 14

  • Today was also FitStar Trainer Day with 2 sessions (Back & Arms/Shoulders and Chest & Core)

While I didn’t plan to do much exercising today, seeing how the day was coming along it was pretty clear that simple run isn’t going to cut it. As you can see on MyFitnessPal having 3 KFC orders made some tough calorie choices but it was Coffee Latte that made it over the top.  It always makes it tough for me to say no to good coffee, while at the same time it’s giving me some unwanted calories I have to count into my daily routine. I really should start drinking Black Coffee instead! 0 calories to add, less work for me by the end of the day. Good bargain!

For the sake of “proof of life”, below you can find my online pay list for KFC Order. It was the only choice, since I didn’t bother to move from my chair for most part of my day.

Region capture 16

You should also know that since winter doesn’t work very well with my appetite I had to take heavy measures to make sure my weight doesn’t go up, and the result of it is 185.4KM in last 30 days. A new record for me!

Region capture 13


I wish you happy Fast Food Day of Your Life 🙂

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