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March 8, 2015
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March 9, 2015

There comes a day in your life (for most of you hopefully often enough) where you have to visit your family & friends and most of the time it means any commitments to foods you eat, any exercise activities, any steps counting activities are bound to be tested.

It’s not really different for me except that my family and friends live far away so it usually takes 1-3 months to get there (I know it shouldn’t be like that, I know). And if your family is anything like mine it’s not easy to convince them that just because I am thin now doesn’t mean I have to eat like there’s no tomorrow.  Have a look what I got for breakfast ending as a diet supplement.

IMG_9933 IMG_9932

It doesn’t really get better when I visit my best friend. We usually go out for a thing called “Pigsticking” (weird name I know) which is our internal name for eating too much in a very short period till we can’t really walk without shouting “Kill me, please!”. It wasn’t really different this time.


Finished up with Apple Pie and Creme Brulé to not leave hungry.



So while the blame is solely on my mother and father and a friend for putting this into my mouth it’s me who will have to deal with this later on.

What I really wanted to say to you, by showing you my “usual”weekend with parents and friends, is that it doesn’t really matter if you overeat from time to time, as long as you come prepared.

Here’s couple of my tips I use before and after to not really get hit too much.

  1. Be ready for a weekend – run/walk a lot the same morning you plan the “pig festival”.
  2. Have a long walk after eating. While it may sound crazy going shopping is your easiest way out. You will be too full to buy anything, but at same time, as you will be at shopping center, you will make a couple of kilometers easily just by walking around.
  3. Have some exercises during  your day 2 x 10 minutes exercises is around 200-250 calories more for you to eat. Not a lot, but still it will lower your overall calorie difference.
  4. Drink diet soda (Pepsi max, Pepsi light, cola light, cola zero) instead of normal sugar based sodas.  Remember one liter for normal Pepsi is 400 calories for your daily calorie intake. Considering you burn 200 calories in 20 minute workout you may want to drink something less caloric.
  5. Stop logging what you eat for that day. 90% of time I simply put this in “Unknown calorie intake – unlimited pleasure” as I am not able to tell how much calories all I have eaten has given me.
  6. As you get back to your normal daily routine for next couple of days you may wish to adjust your steps counting vs eating sessions to accumulate weekend overeating.
  7. Don’t worry, you will be fine 🙂


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