Diet your life – Part 3

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March 5, 2015
Soda’s and Fast Food
March 7, 2015

So where was I? Ah, vacations. After vacations I went back home and wanted to get back to my old routine of Dukan Diet. The only thing I noticed is that even though I ate a lot of fast food my weight moved further down the road. That’s something I wasn’t expecting…

I’ve eaten a lot of different food with guilty conscience thru the entire time! So it was a big surprise when I weighed myself.  Turns out except eating I was also walking, swimming, even did some running, so even though, according to every possible Health & Fitness blog, I should have few kg more, I was down a few.  Thinner then I was when I left..

At that very moment I didn’t realize what just happened but I was more than happy to accept it with my open arms. After all I just had best vacations ever with minimal diet due to no dukan products anywhere near!

This actually made me thinking that maybe, just maybe I shouldn’t diet that hard, and try to eat what I like just trying to use the rule of eating less! (How hard can it be, right?!). For the most part I wasn’t really gonna trust this feeling so I kind of ignored it.

Next couple of months weren’t really changing anything. I was eating part dukan, part “normal” food, trying to not eat anything that may trigger me getting fatter. On the other hand I wasn’t doing much exercising at all.

Speaking of which, turns out I just had best month EVER!  165 KM!

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