Diet your life – Part 2

Diet your life – Part 1
February 27, 2015
KFC so good
March 1, 2015

I have a friend, a very close one. You can call him my best friend but he’s more like a brother to me than just a “friend”.  Since I got divorced my brother and his loooong time girlfriend took me (yes that’s the best wording for that) to Croatia to spend 2 weeks vacations.

Of course I tried to bring some Dukan Diet food with me, but let’s be honest here… who will go for all the trouble of eating diet food when everyone is eating pizza, fries and spending their time doing nothing.

Well, I tried… I really did. Eating wheat bran with 0,5% fat milk (you can call it water that tastes like milk considering I guess there’s not much milk in it after all) and sweetener for breakfast and as sort of snacks between meals. But for the other parts of the day I actually had to eat something far more delicious, pizza’s, hamburgers, cheeseburgers. Of course it wasn’t my beloved Mc Donald’s but more like a local cuisine but still.. this was actually the first days since like a year where I actually ate something that wasn’t allowed in Dukan Diet.

However since I didn’t wanted to go back to my fatness I tried to be careful and organized. And to my surprise, my best friend was very understanding for me! So instead of eating one pizza per head we split one making sure none of us is full enough. Unfortunately while it worked couple of times, there were days where this simply was not possible. And… if you are like me you knew that every single bite is yours, and only yours!

My stats for Today

  • Steps 6474
  • Nike Fuel 2778
  • Nike Running 6,3 km (1627 Nike Fuel)
  • FitStar Arms/Shoulders & Chest Exercises – 9min, 100 cal
  • FitStar 10 Minute Abs – 10 min, 114 cal
  • Calories Eaten 3086
  • Calories Burned 2955
  • Calories Remaining -131 (ouch)
  • Region capture 4

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