Adidas Springblade 2.0 vs Ultra Boost – Part 1

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March 28, 2015
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January 25, 2016

Buying running gear is always hard. Each vendor gives you literally hundreds of options to choose from and telling you their equipment is the best. And even if you decide on the vendor there’s still plenty of equipment to choose from.

While generally I follow Nike products due to their tight cooperation with Apple, this time I decided I want to try out something new and I wanted to try out their biggest competitor on the market Adidas! I’ve chosen for my test two of their best running shoes (skipping the premium collection from Porsche Design Sport – saving it for another time)

  • Adidas Springblade 2.0 Drive

Adidas SpringBlade 2.0 Adidas SpringBlade 2.0

  • Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost M Adidas Ultra Boost M

If you’re anything like me you usually end up with two similar products, having similar price range, and not knowing which will suit you better.

Both products seems solid but they feel totally different on foot. After having just one run in each pair I felt that Adidas Ultra Boost was easier on the foot, then Spring Blades. It seems like Ultra Boost was made for a bit wider feet and felt more comfortable. I did around 7km in each pair and while in Adidas Ultra Boost I could probably do a lot more if I had the right motivation, in the Spring Blades I wasn’t sure I even wanted to try!

Both were hard for my heals in the beginning but about 2KM into the run Adidas Ultra Boost actually stopped hurting my heals, while Spring Blades didn’t almost until the end.

As for the Springblade technology that is advertised as “outsole provides cushioning and explosive energy” I didn’t really feel it. The Ultra Boost technology on the other hand was noticeable after a while. I actually felt that advertised energy-returning with each step. Especially noticeable by the end of my run where I felt a bit tired.

Of course saying that Ultra Boost is better than Springblade after just one run is overstatement, so I’ll keep on running and see how those shoes behave after a while. I’ll give them time and see how they act when my feet actually get used to them.

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